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RoeTest - professional tube testing system  RoeTest  (Röhrentest)

     professional tube testing system  (c) Helmut Weigl

RoeTest Röhrenmessgerät - home tube testing system
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english infos about tube test
english infos

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Istruzioni in Italiano

english infos  

English explanations


General description:

For your convenience, here is a brief description of my highly sophisticated tube tester, "RoeTest". I have developed and refined this instrument 
over several years. It has been extensively tested by numerous customers, who have built their own versions.

Compared to the best conventional state-of-the-art tube testers of the past, like Hickock (USA), AVO (Great Britan), Metrix (France) or Neuberger 
(Germany), the computerized RoeTest has substantial advantages in all respects:

  • numerous measurements modes, including curve tracing (automatic or user defined)
  • highly precise results
  • user friendly operation using a GUI (Graphical User Interface) running under Windows
  • post-acquisition analysis of results (including matching)
  • various methods for the presentation and documentation of measured results
  • a built-in tube database (of over 15,000 entries) that is updated regularly on-line
  • free updates of the Windows GUI software

Automatic measurement can be as easy as 1,2,3:
1) Select the tube to be measured from the built-in database (for example, 6L6)

2) Choose the desired measurement mode and click the button on the screen
    -get a summary of plate current, screen current, transconductance etc
    -make curve traces of the characteristics of the tube
    -make a quick function check

3) Display the results
    -Database entry for your personal inventory


English language conversion:

Software (menus, buttons, comments):

Software are completely translated into english (also  in french, italian and german)


  • comments
  • names of datafields
  • names of tubekinds
  • kind of heater


Most of the designations are international (e.G.’Ug1’).

Some datas in the databases could not be translated, if there are dependencies in the software (e.G. „Mag.Auge“: kind of tube must be german, Software knows only german word). To the important items  follows a table with Acronyms/translations


Much of this site is only available in the German language. You can use google-translater for simple translation  (some words are not correct translated). 

construction manual (pdf) english version is available (also in french and german)
other dokumentsa translation of many documents is already done - see tips section


Set software to english language is possible in two ways:

 1. at install software – choose language

 choose language at install software


2.  later: change language in options

change language in options





Röhrenmessgerät, Röhrenprüfgerät tube tester, valve tester

A, Anode

anode, plate

K, Kathode


G1, Gitter 1

control grid, grid 1

G2, Gitter 2

grid 2, screen grid

G3, Gitter 3

grid 3, suppressor (pentodes)

G4, Gitter 4

grid 4

G5, Gitter 5

grid 5

F1, F2, Heizfaden, Heizung

filament, heater

S, Schirmung


L, Leuchtschirm


A1, A2, Anoden

anode, plate

St1, St1, Steuerstege


IV, intern Verbunden

intern connected

















Magisches Auge

tuning indicators



Glimmstabi (-lisator)

stabilizier, voltage regulator

V: Verwendungszweck









AC direct heater

 Steilheit mA/V

transconductance in 1000 umhos (mA/V)


There are no warranties of any type. I guarantee neither for the operability or expediency the software, still the schematics, or any documents. The cloning of the RoeTest occurs onto your own risk. Also a liability for consequential damages is excluded (e.g. destructed tubes, components, people damages on the danger from hi voltages, material damages, etc.).

Attention: I point out to the dangers by high voltages there. The in device applied and to the tube-sockets applied high voltages are able to cause bodily damages or death. Use the RoeTest cautious and be sure, that the RoeTest only from experts is used (ago children and animals keep away). You have to keep the corresponding safety regulations of your country and you are self-responsible for the electric security.

In particular I point out, that loaded capacitors, despite unload-resistors, also still a long time to the power down and separating of the power supply, hi voltages hold be able. It'll urgent advised all capacitors to unload first, before to do circuit experiments and work with it.

An examination or other admissibility check lies not till! I guarantee not for, that the carried on of the appliance is allowed.

Changes the software and the hardware are at all hours possible. A compatibility to predecessor releases guarantee I for later releases not for, even if this so far given is.

Indication to the tube-database:

The big database becoming current enlarges, completes and corrected.  The data still gaps onto, or be able errors contain. A claim onto completeness or trueness passes not for. Also there are in the database data for a little number tubes, the not for with the RoeTest measured will be able (e.g. because the voltages or currents not available, or because there are any special tubes).



Copyright Helmut Weigl, Heidestr. 7, 92708 Mantel, Germany, email All rights to myself reserved  (e.g. copy, profit, lend, ). The software and all documents remain my property. You will receive entirely right of use (licence to the own enjoyment).

The database is for private own free to the decree below the condition, that these with respect to the data structure not for manipulating will be and mine copyright-hints not for OFF will be.  A select of the data of the databases and usage at other files isn’t allowed.

A commercial usage is only allowed with my permission.

I provide the original target-layouts to the decree. You may use this for your own purposes. It`s not allowed to give the layouts to third parties, even if you have modified it. Allowed is entirely the transfer to pcb-manufacturer to produce your own pcb.

The software for the Pic-mikrocontroler (firmware) is only available on myself. To copy the software without mine consent is prohibits. The Mikrocontroler contains a protection to the select the programs that are not allowed to decrypt.

On the RoeTest-software printed documents (meassuring-protokolls) is my copyright statement "erstellt mit RoeTest ...". It is not allowed to delete this statement.

Stranger rights: The base images are partly from Mr Franz Hamberger. Mr Hamberger puts the data on his Internet page for the free private-use to dispose. The Internet address of the Mr Hamberger is called:




Helmut Weigl
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92708 Mantel

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